alternative currency


alternative currency

Capitalism is unsustainable. It's fear based and centered around a violent relationship between perceived lack, individual exceptionalism and over consumption.

Our physical and emotional service to ourselves and our communities, has been turned into a commodity.  We live in a reality, where these acts of service, these gifts that come from our uniqueness, cannot be detached from a monetary value. Money and the commodification of EVERYTHING, has taken the magic, the connection out of ideas of exchange. There’s almost no space to receive basic needs/human rights--to be fed, clothed, housed, seen and loved--without exhausting so much of our spiritual energy.  Essentially, you don’t have access to CARE, unless you allow your labor to be exploited, your unique contribution to this Earth to be ignored, or until you adopt an attitude of ownership that is environmentally and ethically unjust.

So, I price the way that I do (sliding scale) and make space for barter/trade, because that is my cultural tradition, my inheritance. An offering, for an offering. My magic, for your magic.


So over here at Nana Catherine's Apothecary, I'm trying to experiment with different types of resource. As of now, I accept the following currency:

  • Money: dollars and cents

  • Barter: goods for goods | services for services (that I need)

    • Goods: CSAs, pots of soup, farm raised chicken/beef/pork, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, herbs, flowers or other garden produce

    • Services: electrical repairs, painting, gardening help, tree pruning, landscaping, guitar lessons, voice lessons, non-western healing modalities (yoga, qi gong, acupuncture, massage, rolfing, etc.)

If you would like to use an energy other than money, send me a message/email with the goods or services that you're interested in. We'll connect, and then make an agreement--being sure to include our intentions and promises to one another in the process.

Donations are also welcome! I'm hoping to cultivate a support network; a community resource for folks who need food, other goods, and healing arts, but don't have the time, money, or goods to trade.