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Over the past three weeks we have experienced simple but profound changes in the weather as the nights become colder. As a mama to two grade school children, I am profoundly aware of the stark change in routine for anyone connected to the school year. It's exciting, but even the most joyful excitement is a stress for our body to handle.

This season governs the Stomach and Spleen and rules our digestive vitality. When imbalanced in these organ areas, we experience irregularity and constipation, insomnia, anxiety, chapped cracking lips, heels, and fingers just to name a few. Herbs offer the nervous system gentle support to transition to the late summer season, improve and nourish our digestive fire, and soothe anxiety in an unsettled mind.

Our experiences vary. Our constitution and challenges are different than one another. One who tends to have warm hands and feet may transition more easily to this time of year than a person who runs cold. One who tends to ruminate and worry will find thi...

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