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 Winter solstice is upon us and the longest night of the year has begun. The tiny snow cave, just outside the window, will welcome back the winter faeries tonight. It is lit and left with a thimble of chamomile tea and a bite of chocolate cake. They take flight, you know, on this night and need food and sustenance along the way. One year we built them a small swimming pool, and another year we covered a cardboard box in moss and evergreens since there was yet no snow. This is the first year that the kids don't believe in the winter faeries. But it's okay, I've learned many years ago that being invisible does not negate their existence. It is from this foundation that most of our spirit world rests. Some call it faith. Some leave a spirit plate for the ancestors. Some call it magic, or reverence, or presence. Sometimes we humans take a long break from believing something exists that we cannot see. Then we come to a time when we need a little something more than ourselves to exist in thi...

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