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Echinacea is a powerful herb that is most appropriately used at the onset and beginning of cold or flu symptoms. Anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, antiviral and antibacterial, Echinacea actually stimulates the process of phagocytosis. In common speak, it ignites the body's cells to eradicate viruses by gobbling them up. This is truly a plant that displays an innate intelligence. It is in fact, more of a leader in the human body than a responder, research is being conducted to prove that echinacea can be a key player in healing cancer. And it's gawww-geous in the garden!


Echinacea Leaf and Flower

100 proof Vodka


Cutting Board

Glass Jar with lid

Ask and bless and make an offering, as you would with anything. Do not take echinacea without first asking. This plant medicine is as powerful as one's humility, gratitude and blessings.

Remove leaves and flowers from the stems. Compost the stems.

Chop leaves and flowers into tiny bits. Place them in a jar. Cover with alcohol that is...

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