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Nostalgia demands slowing down which is exactly what this late summer sun, angle of light and warmth beckon of us. What happens when we slow down and connect with the earth often informs our optimal health.

Over the past three weeks we have experienced simple but profound changes in the weather as the nights become colder. As a mama to two grade school children, I am profoundly aware of the stark change in routine for anyone connected to the school year. It's exciting, but even the most joyful excitement is a stress for our body to handle.

This season governs the Stomach and Spleen and rules our digestive vitality. When imbalanced in these organ areas, we experience irregularity and constipation, insomnia, anxiety, chapped cracking lips, heels, and fingers just to name a few. Herbs offer the nervous system gentle support to transition to the late summer season, improve and nourish our digestive fire, and soothe anxiety in an unsettled mind.

Our experiences vary. Our constitution and challenges are different than one another. One who tends to have warm hands and feet may transition more easily to this time of year than a person who runs cold. One who tends to ruminate and worry will find thi...

My neighbor called last evening, offering me her homegrown organic corn silk from the flint corn she harvested in her garden. I happily received her corn silk and it sits on the lower shelf of my hanging plant dryer. It is a tender herb to dry - due to its high volume of water - but as long as there is mesh or space above and beneath the plant, and it is dried in a shady area with ample air flow, it will do well.

Make an herbal infusion with the corn silk to decrease inflammation of the urinary tract. The silkiness of the filaments is a clear example of the doctrine of signatures - indicating that the plant bestows a silky smooth ease to the body, the opposite of searning pain. Like aloe and burns. 

As a soothing diuretic, cornsilk is beneficial for any irritation of the urinary system. It is used for renal problems in children and, combined with other herbs, as a urinary demulcent for cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, and similar conditions. It can be used for stones, bladder irritatio...

We have just potted up beautiful lemonbalm and catnip plants from the gardens at White Dove Herbal Sanctuary. These plants were started from organic seed this spring by Milkweed Medicinals.

I look forward to planting these beauties with local elementary students in their Tea Project pilot gardens!

Sign up by September 1st for the Tea Project at your school and receive three mature organic medicinal perennials FREE for a fall planting in your Tea Project Garden, a $40 value.

Mid summer greetings, friends! I am excited to launch the first monthly newsletter for Luna Root Wellness just a few days past the new moon of July. Some of you know me from the summer ECO Institute, ECO: Educating Children Outdoors, some of you are my neighbors and many of you are old friends. In this newsletter, I will offer specials for appointments, recipes, tidbits on herbs and our bodies, and perhaps a few other nerdy herbal musings. It will be fun and, I look forward to hearing from you as we go. So here we go! 

We have arrived at (last week, anyway) the dog-days of summer. Pollinators work intently to gather nectar from the blossoms that surround us. I love this time of year, walking barefoot, rising with the sun, swimming, and harvesting leaf and flower of calendula, st. johnswort, california poppies, lavendar bee balm, chamomile, and comfrey.

Last week, while working in the gardens the afternoon after the last big storm, a bee stings me. My gaze rises from the focused work at...

What is the Tea Project:  Elementary students grow and harvest medicinal herbs that create 6-10 different herbal healing teas in the classroom over the long Vermont winter. Students understand which herbs to use for which common conditions and are empowered to care for themselves and each other. Social-emotional intelligence in the classroom grows with each cup of tea.

Make your own St. Johnswort Oil to relieve burns, muscle strain and tension, growing pains, heal cuts and reduce scars

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