Mindfulness in the Daily Cup of Tea

The Tea Project, Part 1, Fall 2020





Instructor Angie Barger, Clinical Herbalist & Educator

Angie’s Herbal videos, my online teaching style

Location Online (with optional residency July 2021)

Start Date Sept 21, 2020

End Date Dec 11, 2020

Grade Level This course is established for PreK-8th grade teachers to develop a sustainable school herb garden and mindfulness practice within their classroom and school. Individual groups and consultation times will address grade-level appropriate materials. 


Teachers from each grade level have successfully participated in the pilot program for the Tea Project. Please request a contact teacher from your grade level if you have further questions about how the Tea Project was implemented in their class. 


Tuition                                           $1000

Materials                                         $225

Optional 3 graduate credits         $375

@ Castleton Center For Schools, 

Castleton University, VT


Total                                                $1600


Essential Question: How do we invite our students to form a culture of herbal knowledge from seed to belly? 



Through a series of monthly workshops, site visits, group conversations and consultations, students will learn how to: 


  1. Identify local wild medicinal tea plants

  2. Harvest and formulate tea for the whole class community

  3. Incorporate herbal tea + mindfulness practices as a daily practice in the classroom

  4. Utilize sensory integration as a primary part of their learning process

  5. Gain an understanding of physiology and anatomy of the body systems through the lens of the medicinal herb and its’ actions in the body

  6. Practice listening and conversation skills when sitting quietly with a cup of tea in the class community with others



Throughout the workshops and group conversations the following topics from within this realm will be introduced and explored: 

Developing an inner knowledge of taste, Mindfulness and Tea Drinking, Wild-harvesting, Identifying Plants, Harvesting and Drying, Planting, The plant cycle, Making Tea Bags, Weeds or Medicine?



Workshops  Online, weekly, accessible at your convenience. In these workshops we dive deeply into methods for wild crafting, harvesting and making medicine from herbal perennials. The experiences are experiential and instructional with spaciousness for our questions and curiosities to be explored via an online format. 



PLC Facebook Group (Professional Learning Community): This forum gathers the students to reflect on and share methodology, questions and develop processes for the problems presented in the class. communication and feedback via facebook group. The final PLC will offer time to share photos, stories or documentation from your semester with colleagues. Participation required. This format enhances the depth of the group and individual experience. 


~Final PLC Video Conference Project Share 12/12/2020

~Individual Mentoring You will have 3 individual mentoring sessions with Angie during the semester to brainstorm and troubleshoot and develop your projects, goals, obstacles and vision. 



Homework (required for both credit & non-credit options): 


1 mini-unit The mini-units are homework for the 3-credit option and strongly encouraged for all students. With your knowledge and vision for your class community, create one mini-unit around the Tea Project. Choose 1 NGSS or Common Core Standard to meet as a theme for each mini-unit. Themes can be inspired from, but need not be limited to, the topics we explore in our workshops and consultations together. These mini-units should be prepared in such a way as to share electronically with the teacher. 


Reflections Readings will be provided throughout the course to reflect upon in writing. 


Anecdotal collection re: the Tea Project from students. 


Research Article Project Choose an article applicable to your grade level experience in mindfulness with the TEA Project. Read and reflect on your goal/vision for the students and write a reflection on this, including a communication with parents on why you are prioritizing mindfulness this year. Suggested researchers listed here. (due 10/31/2020)

Materia Medica Project Choose one or two tea herbs in addition to those which we focus on during the course. Find three research articles and compose a Materia Medica of information on the actions and traditional uses of the plant. One source for peer-reviewed research articles here. You may also find appropriate research titles in the bibliography of a favorite herbal book. (due 11/30/2020)

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