In a consultation with me, you will experience equally the science and art of plant medicine, physiology and constitutional assessment, somatic therapy and reiki energy healing. The plants themselves guide me in my deepest relied-upon skill: presence, built upon the foundation of somatic embodiment, a mind-body integrated healing practice. 

In 2017, with a team of master-elementary school educators, I founded The Tea Project, a standards-based initiative in which elementary schoolchildren experience the plant cycle, weather and seasons, and develop social emotional learning and science observation skills through the lens of growing and preparing perennial healing herbs from seed to cup of tea. My teaching style is experiential and hands-on, both in classroom and individual consulting sessions. I accompany students & teachers on their own unique journeys of discovery and healing : whether of the physiology, mind-body connection, discovery of herbal allies, spirit of the flowers, or gardening.


I believe we can heal ourselves, and that for true healing to occur, our own participation in our process is imperative. 

Winter CSA 2021

January ~February ~March

As a small, cottage garden and apothecary, herb clinic and education project we strive to teach our clients the importance of utilizing what nature has to offer us - in this case, it's the healing and grounding power of herbs!

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