Recipe for St. Johnswort Topical Oil

St. Johnswort blossoms and buds sparkle with the radiance of the mid-summer sun. It is so that they hold the energy of the sun's warmth, contributing an element of fire, and a scarlet hue, to any medicine made with them. There is nothing like infused St. Johnswort oil to heal a sunburn or nourish a strained muscle. The tincture, when taken regularly, can keep Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay in the long winters of the north country.

St Johnswort oil:

~Relieves burns

~Relieves muscle strain and tension

~Relieves growing pains

~Heals cuts and scrapes with its vulnerary action

~and Reduces scars.

Identify~ You can be sure you have the right plant, Hypericum perforatum, if you see tiny perforations, holes, in the leaves, and if it turns your fingers reddish-purple when you squeeze the golden bud between your fingers.

Harvest~ Fill a dry, sterilized jar with the most vibrant fresh flowers and buds, with about a third total plant matter in leaves, two thirds in buds and flowers. Remember to be grateful in your own way, the magic of the flowers' medicine is never separate from the spirit in which they are harvested!

Macerate~ Cover the buds and flowers with olive oil and sit your jar in the middle of the garden in a super sunny spot for the remainder of the summer, watching the oil turn red. I like to sit mine on a flat rock to enhance the solar gain. Shake it often, sing to it, thank it and dance with it for best results!

Strain ~ At the end of a lunar cycle (1 month), or longer, strain the plant material from the oil. You will need cheese cloth, a rubber band, and a sterilized, dry jar the same size or larger than the jar you have been macerating the oil in. Secure 3 layers of the cheesecloth over top of the empty jar and pour the macerating oil into the jar. After most of the oil has dripped through the cheesecloth it is time to remove the cheesecloth carefully with its contents, and squeeze the rest of the oil out of the leftover buds and flowers, the marc (used plant material). Compost the marc. Put a lid on your oil and label it, keep it in a cool dry place and ready-up for a winter season full of light and vibrance as you use the oil.

Use~ Rub the oil onto the affected area at least three times daily to offer its medicinal healing properties.

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