Yin Summer

Mid summer greetings, friends! I am excited to launch the first monthly newsletter for Luna Root Wellness just a few days past the new moon of July. Some of you know me from the summer ECO Institute, ECO: Educating Children Outdoors, some of you are my neighbors and many of you are old friends. In this newsletter, I will offer specials for appointments, recipes, tidbits on herbs and our bodies, and perhaps a few other nerdy herbal musings. It will be fun and, I look forward to hearing from you as we go. So here we go!

We have arrived at (last week, anyway) the dog-days of summer. Pollinators work intently to gather nectar from the blossoms that surround us. I love this time of year, walking barefoot, rising with the sun, swimming, and harvesting leaf and flower of calendula, st. johnswort, california poppies, lavendar bee balm, chamomile, and comfrey.

Last week, while working in the gardens the afternoon after the last big storm, a bee stings me. My gaze rises from the focused work at hand of weeding to the black cohosh blossoms audibly buzzing with honeybees, struggling to do their work while it’s warm and dry. For them this is a matter of life or death. There is no bee grocery store where they can get nectar that is shipped here from California gardens when our crops are waterlogged in the summer. It's do or die and it’s mid July and this summer has been WET up until this very past week. They are telling me, "Out of our way, lady, can't you see the time is now for nectar?!"

I have been secretly referring to this summer as YIN Summer. You know, my inner Traditional Chinese Medicine sense of humor takes over sometimes. The rain has caused the Winooski River outside my bedroom window to harken a deafening Yin Roar, calling for me to wear earplugs at night. But today she is quieting with the warm, dry day we have had, and she has improved my awe of the power of water in the meantime.

All things have two aspects, a Yin aspect and a Yang aspect. The Yin and Yang of the body are often described metaphorically as the body's Water and Fire. In Vermont, we have plenty of long winter nights, cold, dark, wet, and on which we often feel drawn inward. We are all set with YIN. The summertime placates our craving for long days, warm sun, bonfires and visits with friends, dry towels hanging on the line after swimming in a cold pond to cool off from the heat of summer. The short summer balances our long winters, and as it goes from time to time, this summer, the YANG has just arrived. It is the balance of Yin and Yang that each one of us inhabiting a body strives to strike. For me, the warm hot days are the easiest climate for my body to feel comfortable in. For many of you living in Northern New England, the cold damp winter is your favorite, and you struggle with the hot days. What does this say about your own personal constitution? Are you a sun-loving person with a cool, damp constitution? Are you a winter's crisp chill loving person who tends to be hot and dry, thus equalizing the inner with the outer season?

What happens when Yin and Yang are imbalanced with one's personal constitution? What role do herbs play? As an herbalist, I am a matchmaker between each client and the plants. Our bodies have relied on plant medicine which predates us by hundreds of millions of years. Our brains and nervous systems, every inch of our body has receptor sites awaiting chemical formulas from whole plants to flood them, bathing them with health and well being. We may eat vegetables that are grown in our own gardens. Maybe we eat vegetables that are farmed in California, at least in the winter. And we're doing well. But what happens if we fill our bodies with plants that grow wild, or are cultivated with love and intention, and matched to balance our personal constitution? What happens if we invite the medicine most natural and abundant on the earth to heal us, gently and slowly, by working this plant medicine into our daily routine? Be it a bath, a tea, herbal honey nut butter balls, infused oil, a facial steam...it slows us down and opens us up. I wonder what will happen for you?!

Email me to set up an appointment so we can get started matchmaking today!

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