Zea Mays ~ Cornsilk

My neighbor called last evening, offering me her homegrown organic corn silk from the flint corn she harvested in her garden. I happily received her corn silk and it sits on the lower shelf of my hanging plant dryer. It is a tender herb to dry - due to its high volume of water - but as long as there is mesh or space above and beneath the plant, and it is dried in a shady area with ample air flow, it will do well.

Make an herbal infusion with the corn silk to decrease inflammation of the urinary tract. The silkiness of the filaments is a clear example of the doctrine of signatures - indicating that the plant bestows a silky smooth ease to the body, the opposite of searning pain. Like aloe and burns.

As a soothing diuretic, cornsilk is beneficial for any irritation of the urinary system. It is used for renal problems in children and, combined with other herbs, as a urinary demulcent for cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, and similar conditions. It can be used for stones, bladder irritation, mucosal conditions of the urinary passages and edema due to heart disease. ~ David Hoffman, Medical Herbalism


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