Kids Garden in Snow Pants

When the soil is still workable in late fall, a gardener will garden. And when the soil is frozen, a gardener will use bags of sand, pebbles and soil to build a raised garden bed - in preparation for springtime!

PreK through second grade students at Moretown Elementary spent a day building a circular "Tortuga" garden together as an effort to make more garden space for perennial herbs they will plant in the spring.

As part of "The Tea Project", students are gathering, drying and using herbs to make and learn about herbal teas, their benefits to the body, and how their body feels in response to drinking the tea.

These students are very hard workers, filled with grit and resilience. The photos speak for themselves.

Recipe for a Tortuga (Turtle-shaped garden bed)

1. Cover grass with cardboard weed blocker

2. Make a circle with cinder blocks and rocks

3. Fill with sand

4. Cover with pea gravel

5. Cover former layer with top soil

6. Cover former layer with compost

7. Wait all winter

8. Wait all mud season

9. Wait until the last full moon in May has passed

10. Plant medicinal herbs in the Tortuga

Tend and water in the spring. In the fall, harvest herbs to dry in the classroom for tea!


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