Seeds of Equinox

I’ve joined the ranks of northern dwellers who have traded in their winter therapy sessions for dreaming of the garden. It’s much cheaper, it's incredibly therapeutic and I find there are more artistic elements to it. I’ve had the vernal equinox marked on my calendar with a big star since the first of the year. While it epitomizes of my favorite themes- light defeating the darkness- it means because of this, that it’s time to plant perennial seeds indoors in little pots! The week was met with so much joy as I traveled to our Tea Project Schools to join the children in planting perennial herb seeds for our school gardens in the late spring.

There’s two feet of snow on the ground today and my driveway is unplowed, so I back my station wagon out of the steep, curved hill to utilize my front wheel drive as rear wheel drive. It takes multiple tries, but I make it. In the trunk are two buckets full of moistened organic potting soil, some trowels and a shallow tub. I wheel these supplies into the classroom with my wheel barrow, we pour the soil into the large tray and the students sink their hands into the soil, surrounding the shallow tub like parched dogs lapping up cold water. It is the same in each of the classes, the soil is magnetic. Everyone sinks their hands into it and says, “Ahhhh!”. I give them far longer time to play in the soil than I had expected. It seems like they need it! And then we plant our seeds which will grow in the classroom for 10-12 weeks. Peppermint, Self-Heal, Anise Hyssop, Bee Balm, Yarrow, Echinacea, Johnny Jump Ups and more.

Find out more about the Tea Project in this photo essay, our seasonal photo album of the Tea Project progress.

Happy Equinox, everyone. May your garden be fertile and your laughter be hearty!


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