The night the Winter Faeries take Flight

Winter solstice is upon us and the longest night of the year has begun. The tiny snow cave, just outside the window, will welcome back the winter faeries tonight. It is lit and left with a thimble of chamomile tea and a bite of chocolate cake. They take flight, you know, on this night and need food and sustenance along the way. One year we built them a small swimming pool, and another year we covered a cardboard box in moss and evergreens since there was yet no snow. This is the first year that the kids don't believe in the winter faeries. But it's okay, I've learned many years ago that being invisible does not negate their existence. It is from this foundation that most of our spirit world rests. Some call it faith. Some leave a spirit plate for the ancestors. Some call it magic, or reverence, or presence. Sometimes we humans take a long break from believing something exists that we cannot see. Then we come to a time when we need a little something more than ourselves to exist in this world. And we implore the invisible world for it's aid and blessing.

I noticed the invisible effect of spending time amidst communities of trees of the northern hardwood forest when I worked with children, daily, in the woods as a nature immersion specialist. Ultimately, I came to understand through witnessing the children week after week, that though the trees themselves are visible, there is an invisible role-modeling that emanates from their rooted growth in the woods. It shows us what it feels like to take root and stand firmly, with quiet patience, and grow as a community.

The Heart-Math Institute publishes scientific research on the invisible electromagnetic field of the heart and how our heart coherence affects our nervous system tone as well as our relation with others sharing our close proximity. How often have you felt a "vibe" with someone close to you - or known that something was off balance- before addressing it in conversation? How often have you felt completely safe in the presence of a loved one without a word spoken, a glance or a touch? This is the invisible, potent power of heart coherence and entrainment.

We are vibration, we are rhythm. This rhythm lies in our heart and the vibration is what makes up the living form of each of our microscopic cells. At this dark, cold time (in the north) of Winter Solstice, it is natural to find ourselves being still, sleeping more, slowing down. Sometimes, like the frozen ponds and icy pathways, we become frozen and stagnant. Our bodies are meant to communicate through vibration. Our voice box vibrates in order to form words, song, laughter. We are made of vibration and we are made of light. A friend who has worked with a sound healer, explained it to me this way, "Not only are we made of vibration, but our bodies are chambers for light and sound to travel and vibrate through." Wow. It is when we go stagnant and still that our bodies forget how to access the movement that cultivates a healthy vibrance (or good vibes...or vibration). We introduce this vibration so our cells remember how to dance and emanate the light from within us. In this way they then illuminate like stars in the darkness.

Six simple ways to welcome the Vibrance and Vibration

this Winter Solstice Season:

1. Sing. Hum, whistle, lalala. Alone. Together. With your favorite hip hop record or musical on vinyl. Do it!

2. Dance. At home, by yourself, with someone, with lots of people. Just dance.

3. Take a flower essence. The highest vibration of the plant is held in these simple energetic remedies. They can be added to your herbal protocol or taken alone. On an energetic level, they role model, like the trees of the forest, an available energy for the person taking them. Yarrow role models how to make boundaries. Pulsatilla (pasque flower) role models when to open ourselves to the world and when to protect our hearts. Practically invisible, magic, real. Very potent in this deep winter time when the flowers, themselves, are but a dream. Flower essences are a part of the work we do together in a clinical consultation. Let's find you one together.

4. Breathe deeply. Hold your breath for 4 seconds. Slowly release. Repeat continuously for 3 minutes.

5. Move the body. Walk, yoga, hike, ski, dance, twirl, do pull ups, shake it.

6. Sip tea with a friend (ie laugh). Get together. Winter is a delightful time to be reclusive and then, we need other people to sip tea with so we can remember how easy it is to laugh. This, laughter, is the greatest, most wise vibration we can introduce to our body-mind-spirit.

It is a pleasure and an honor to put into words these stories and truths. It is time to lay my head down in sweet anticipation of this lengthy, cozy night. Blessings on your sleep. Blessings on your heart.

All my love,



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