Mind Map for 2019

A huge thing has happened. The kids can stay home by themselves for a few hours at a time. That's it. That's the huge thing. It's literally a new phase that I didn't know we were coming upon. I can now work longer than 5.5 hours per day before rushing to pick them up at school!! I am finishing projects in the same day they were begun!

My sweetie and I can put a movie on for them and scoot over to the little hardware-store-turned-tiny-draught-house on a Saturday night for a local beer while perched on a pile of bags of birdseed. I've unknowingly been awaiting this time while learning the patience that compassion arises from parenting. (This Aries moon, Capricorn rising lady had very little patience until the babies came along....with regard to her work in the world, anyway.) So now I'm stepping into offering these musings that have been bubbling up inside of the creative pockets of my heart over the last decade (plus two years). I sat down with some over sized drawing papers, and out of it, this is what arose. These are the seeds, what Luna Root Wellness has become. I'm putting them out there in this raw form in an effort to be real, vulnerable and to welcome feedback. What intrigues you about these offerings? How do you want to spend time cultivating your healing journey? Sign up now.

2019 Offerings

+ definite offerings

**potential offerings

ONGOING: Healing Sessions & Herbal Consultations in the new healing office space+

Somatic Mindfulness Therapy with individual clients+

Sleep Clinic: Herbal Remedies matched to your condition and constitution+

Mindfulness Practices for (each separate) Depression, Anxiety, Pain and Digestive Issues: Ongoing Seasonal Group, meeting weekly @ local health centers+

JUNE 2019: Medicinal Gardening Prep Class in Marshfield at Artemis Gardens (aka the back yard). Take home 12 perennial herb starts! Small group.**

Senior Center Medicinal Gardening Class. Take home perennial starts! **

OCTOBER 2019: Make your own Edible Medicine from Home Grown Cannabis**

JULY 2020: The TEA PROJECT : A week-long residency graduate level course with year-long support to infuse the TEA PROJECT into any local or non-local elementary or PreK classroom.+

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