Echinacea Tincture "Immune Zoom" Recipe

Echinacea is a powerful herb that is most appropriately used at the onset and beginning of cold or flu symptoms. Anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, antiviral and antibacterial, Echinacea actually stimulates the process of phagocytosis. In common speak, it ignites the body's cells to eradicate viruses by gobbling them up. This is truly a plant that displays an innate intelligence. It is in fact, more of a leader in the human body than a responder, research is being conducted to prove that echinacea can be a key player in healing cancer. And it's gawww-geous in the garden!


Echinacea Leaf and Flower

100 proof Vodka


Cutting Board

Glass Jar with lid

Ask and bless and make an offering, as you would with anything. Do not take echinacea without first asking. This plant medicine is as powerful as one's humility, gratitude and blessings.

Remove leaves and flowers from the stems. Compost the stems.

Chop leaves and flowers into tiny bits. Place them in a jar. Cover with alcohol that is 100 proof or 50% alcohol. Vodka is a solid choice.

Shake and pray over that alchemical tincture every day for one cycle of the moon. Be sure to poke all of the plant material down under the liquid part of your potion. Then at the end of the moon cycle (28 days) strain the plant material out of its menstruum (the alcohol is its menstruum), and compost the plant material. You now have echinacea tincture! Bottle it up in small amounts and use to ward off any incoming viruses or bacteria.

Echinacea is excellent in topical oils for acne treatment or anti-bacterial salves. Just beware using the alcohol tincture topically on broken skin. Ouch! Normal dosage is 30-45 drops internally, every 4 hours as one is trying to stimulate the immune system for a short time period: 3-7 days. If you want to avoid the alcohol taste, dilute it with juice or put it into hot tea for the alcohol to burn off while the echinacea constituents are left behind for you to imbibe!

P.S. Echinacea Roots are also used in tincture, but the roots are harvested after three years growth. In the second year of growth, we can start making and using the above ground parts of the plant in tincture.

I dedicate this post to my dear teacher, Annie McCleary, whose earthly life ended yesterday after many years offering the Wisdom of the Herbs through her herbal school of this name. In her last days, Annie received this wisdom about echinacea, so I include it here, thankful for her ability to tap into many dimensions and simultaneously be one of the most grounded people I've come to know and love. Thank you, Annie.

""When someone is dying of cancer, to help with pain:

When it is seen that death is approaching: 3 parts Echinacea tincture to 5 parts water given in teaspoon full doses hourly will help tremendously. Calming, helpful, even helpful with strong things like morphine for pain for cancer. Whether homeopathic or allopathic, Echinacea will helpfully potentiate morphine without hastening death." Blessings on your life, Annie. Rest in Peace.

With love,



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