Build Immunity to fight new viruses

Hello beauties, As the Center for Disease Control investigates the novel Coronavirus outbreak, we can take herbal, dietary and lifestyle steps to boost our immunity and decrease inflammation .

Step 1: Don't freak out

  • It's a virus. You've got this. Wash your hands, build your immunity, move away from the person who is coughing on the bus. By now, we've all heard how to try and prevent the illness, but chances are it is coming to a community near to us. SO let's be realistic and prepare our body's biome for eventually meeting the Coronavirus and mounting an immune defense against it.

Step 2: Eat Less or NO Sugar , Grain and Processed Foods & Eat More Protein, Fruits and Vegetables.

  • Increase protein and veggies, decrease carbs. Quitting sugar cold turkey is not for sissies - but neither is being sick with the flu for two weeks. That said, you are one tough cookie and you can do this! Sugar and foods that convert into sugar in the body decrease one's immune strength. Viruses absolutely love sugar, and thrive and grow in the body that is a sugar-laden petri dish.

Step 3: Boost Vitamin Levels

  • Take Vitamins B, C and D. The following amounts of these vitamins are recommended when boosting the immunity especially during a time when the pressure of a virus is high.

  • Vitamin B Complex is a water soluble vitamin that reduces the impact of stress on the body, improving immunity by creating a peaceful homeostasis in the endocrine system. Take the RDA daily of a high quality vitamin B.

  • Vitamin C, 1000 mg/day in a capsule is an excellent prophylactic. For those with lowered immunity, elders, those prone to respiratory illnesses, 4,000-10,000 mg per day is recommended. If you feel an illness coming on, bump up the Vitamin C to 10,000 mg/day to bowel tolerance.

  • Vitamin D, in an effort to boost immunity against viruses, is recommended as a daily intake of 1000–4000 IU (25–100 micrograms). As with Vitamin C, bump up your daily dose to 20,000 IU during the beginning 1-5 days of illness to improve immune response time.

Step 4: Increase Antioxidants

  • Drink Green Tea Instead of Soda or Juice, eat organic blueberries & strawberries, kale, artichokes, pecans. Know if your water is chemical free, and if not, find fresh spring water to drink.

  • Avoid deep fried foods and hydrogenated oils, tobacco and alcohol. Oxidative damage is the harm sustained by cells and tissues that are unable to keep up with free radical production.

Step 5: Sleep and Quiet

Step 6: Have coping strategies on hand to manage stress

  • How do you reduce stress in your life? What are your methods for slowing down? Deep breathing, mindfulness, yoga, walks in nature, journaling, sitting quietly with a cup of tea, petting your dog, reading poetry, listening to records instead of electronic music are just a few ways we can embrace a slower reduced-stress pace of life. Choose one or two of these and make time for them in your day. Contrary to the message from our overt American culture: You do not have to be a machine. When stress arises, what are your coping strategies? The same practices listed above are excellent means of coping with stress, as is making art, singing, creating, sharing love in some way with a close friend, laughter. And pay attention to your media diet: what are you feeding your mind? Are you reading every political twitter post? Could you take a couple day break from watching the news? Is your high speed fugitive chase t.v. show raising your levels of cortisol (guilty)? Cut out from your media diet what does not serve you in vulnerable times.

I have 6 Fire Cider/Elderberry Syrup combos left in stock. Contact me here to purchase . Step 7: Build Your Immunity with Herbal Antivirals

  • Echinacea, Elderberry, Ginger and Andrographis make up the formula in Gaia Herbs Quick Defense. I recommend having something like this product on hand to take if you or your family members start to feel the onset of illness. Luna Root Wellness's organic, cottage industry crafted Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider are an excellent combination to take a couple of times every day when you start to feel sick. Elderberry and Raw Honey are excellent antivirals; if taken alone, often do not provide the heat needed to inhibit viruses on contact. The pungent herbs (garlic, cayenne, ginger, horseradish) in Fire Cider create a hostile environment for pathogens, a perfect combination to mount a defense toward viruses. It's also easy to make your own!

Step 8: Exercise & hydrate

  • Get the blood flowing and the lymph flowing to create an environment in the body of quick immune defense. If our blood and cells are hydrated, and we are moving our body regularly, we can mount an immune reaction more quickly. Add lemon to your water to support the liver as it processes stress chemicals, hormones, and immune system waste. Move that body.

To your health! Salud! Always, with Love, Angie


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