Rates and Alternative Pay

Herbal Consultation


$75 per hour (follow-up consultation)

$95 Initial Consultation

Health Support Package $500 for 6 appointments 

plus one basic herbal tonic

or adaptogenic tincture per month to support your healing over the course of our time together.

A total value of  $645. 

This package is best suited for those who seek accompaniment to heal a chronic health concern or lifestyle change like anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, allergies, weight management, skin rashes, cardiovascular issues, digestive complaints, gastrointestinal dis-ease, brain fog, asthma, chronic constipation, etc. 

Appointments are generally spaced 3 weeks apart for total of close to 5 months of close, intimate contact during which Angie is available for mini phone and email consults in between appointments and prioritizes your healing relationship as her primary work during the time of the health support package. 

I am committed to serving those in my community who seek out the healing accompaniment that I offer.

Educational Consultation Rates for Schools

$150/hour on location

$100/hour virtual


Alternative Pay

I resist the system of a patriarchal, consumeristic and capitalistic approach as the only way to access alternative health care. Herbalism is, by practice, unlicensed in an effort to keep our medicine in the hands of the people. I also offer this work as an exchange that makes sense between you and me, whether it is cash, barter, or trade. In our local community and beyond, there are abundant ways and means of supporting one another that are things I'd otherwise need to spend money to access: home grown food, meal prep, childcare, hand me downs, music and voice lessons, gardening assistance, bodywork and on and on. If you are interested in this option of exchange for services, before we meet, we will discuss an exchange that works for both of us and commit to this exchange.