Herbalism for Body, Mind and Classroom 
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Forest & Garden

Summer Educator Residency

Limited to 20 Participants

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We believe each person is

the doorway to a path

of vibrant health, resilience, and comfort in their own body. 

Educator Courses

The Tea Project

Clinical Consultation

In Person or Virtual

Imagine a world where elementary school children grow herbs in a school garden, harvest them and drink herbal tea alongside other daily mindfulness practices. 

These children understand the plant cycle from seed to warm belly because they care for the plants at every stage. 

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Custom herbal formulas and time tested remedies from the garden to you. 

We offer two Herbal CSH's (Community supported Herbalism) throughout the deep months of winter, January-March. 

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Bring your health goals and quandaries to a listening ear committed to the practice of reagarding the wole person - mind, body, and soul- from a nutritional, wholistic herbal and mental health perspective. 

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