Clinical Herbalist

   Angie Barger

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I believe each person is

the doorway to a path

of vibrant health, resilience, and comfort

in their own body.

Hi, I’m Angie. 


I am a community based clinical herbalist living on Abenaki land in Central Vermont.  I bring 10 years of clinical practice in herbal medicine, a practice of Somatic Mindfulness and Energy Movement Work since 2014, and in 2017 I founded The Tea Project to bring mindfulness and herbal tea to the public school daily routine. When we work together to address your health goals, I combine herbal medicine, somatic therapy, healing touch, and nutrition.


I am devoted to individualized and effective care for healing issues of the mind-spirit-body.


When we work together, we can address: 

stress management

emotional stability

healing from trauma

chronic illness

autoimmune disease 

food and seasonal allergy 

gut health issues 

mental health healing 

womxn's regenerative and reproductive issues 

and more. 


I believe each person is the doorway to a path of vibrant health, resilience, and comfort in their body. I support this discovery in each client. It is our birthright to grow and make the medicine that helps us each, and our families to heal. In this light, I am a committed educator. 


As a matchmaker between the plants and you,  I witness and advocate for your healing process and mind~body~spirit evolution. My tools include the most simple, formative practices: teas & tinctures, stews, foot baths and soups, listening, affirmation, prayer, intention, and presence. I accompany clients in noticing how the body speaks and what it says. Presence is the keystone of my herbal practice. These tools root themselves in the belief that the herbalist is consulted to support the client’s foundation of well-being - instead of symptomatically treating emerging or chronic illness. 

When we heal with herbal medicine, our bodies resonate with the innate and natural earth wisdom that preceded the existence of humans for billions of years. Our existence roots deeply in the life force of the earth's gifts. Healing is our birthright. 

Elementary Curriculum

The Tea Project

Imagine a world where elementary school children grow herbs in a school garden, harvest them and drink herbal tea alongside other daily mindfulness practices. 

These children understand the plant cycle from seed to warm belly because they care for the plants at every stage. 

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