About Angie

I am a matchmaker between each person with whom I work and the plants. I witness and advocate for your healing process and mind~body~spirit evolution.
The herbalist uses tools rooted in ancient medical practice, when all medicine was primarily whole plant ingredients made into teas, stews foot baths and soups. These practices come from a time when the herbalist was consulted in order to stay well - instead of primarily treating symptoms of emerging illness.  
When we heal with herbal medicine, our bodies resonate with the innate and natural earth wisdom that preceded the existence of humans for billions of years. Our existence roots deeply in the life force of the earth's gifts. Healing is our birthright. 
I practice the healing power of presence and intention.
I am a clinical herbalist, energy worker and educator, weaving community healing through the belief that our bodies hold the wisdom for healing. I accompany clients in noticing  how the body is speaking and what it is saying. Listening and presence are the keystones of my herbal practice. The innate wisdom of one's own body is informed by the slow speed and chemical communication of plants in the form of food and medicine. The plants are rooted and so we become rooted when we slow down and pay attention to what is happening from within ourselves. 
A naturalist by trade, I came home to herbalism through the lens of the cycles of nature.  Trained through the senses by the late beloved, Annie McCleary and George Lisi and later in the science and clinical practice of herbalism at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, with Guido Mase, Larken Bunce, Betsy Bancroft and Julie Mitchell, I continue my deep learning of plant relationships as a gardener and medicine maker at the White Dove Herbal Sanctuary with my teacher of plant spirit, Amy Goodman Kiefer.
As a clinician and educator, my offerings equally call upon somatic therapy and reiki energy healing. Truly, the plants themselves guide me in my deepest relied-upon skill: presence, but I have also been gifted a great foundation in somatic embodimient training through years of exploration in learning with Caroline Gagnon, of Floracoepia. My embrace of the tradition of Usui Reiki came through the deep hearted teachings of Reiki Master, Michelle Kailash Gage. 
In 2017, with a team of master-elementary educators, I founded The Tea Project, a standards-based initiative in which elementary schoolchildren experience the plant cycle, weather and seasons, and develop self-care, empathy, body awareness, mindfulness and science observation skills through the lens of growing and preparing perennial healing herbs from seed to cup of tea. My teaching style is experiential and hands-on, both in classroom and in clinic. I accompanies students and clients on their own unique journeys of discovery and healing : whether of the physiology, mind-body connection, discovery of herbal allies, spirit of the flowers, or gardening. I believe we can heal ourselves, and that for true healing to occur, our own participation in our process is imperative. 
I am at home in Vermont with my husband and two children, nestled in the grandmotherly northern Appalachian mountains.



Angie is one of the sweetest, gentlest souls that I know. She has helped me to release trauma and sorrow from my heart. Each time we work together, I leave feeling happier,more open, and optimistic. She is so patient, never rushing me, while holding a powerful space for our work.

Angie is extremely gifted.

-Client / Bodyworker 

Angie's powerful presence, patience, wisdom and humor supported me in my work as a mother of a new baby.

She was very respectful of the place where I was

and helped me to move forward in the best way for me.

I am grateful for her!

-Client/ Health Care and Food Justice Worker

-Client/ Musician

I've been working with Angie for over a year now.  She has brought wellness and healing to my heart and body.  Her listening skills are amazing.  She has a way of hearing me, and then summarizing how the events in my life are affecting my body, or how my body is affecting my participation in life. 

I'm so grateful I found Angie and continue to have the opportunity to work with her on this path of personal wellness and understanding.

-Client/ Educator

Angie has shared her expertise about nutrition, herbs, and eating whole foods to help with inflammation and overall health.  She is kind, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. 

Angie listens and makes you feel cared for.

                                      -Client/ Educator

I felt heard in a trans personal soul way.

That’s always the best listening and reflects

courage and honesty in the practitioner.

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